Mandelbulb 3D Fractal

I wonder what a living space might look like if the things living in it were very far from human? From our perspective, it might look so strange that we would not even recognize form hinting at function. We might guess that it was some natural accretion of crystalline material – growing, yet devoid of design or intent. 

Steampunk Playmat

I play Magic The Gathering most Friday nights. I am not very skilled at the game, but I like the card designs and admire the artwork. I also like the “paraphernalia” – boxes, dice, playmats etc. So I decided to create my own design for a playmat.

Generative Music

I have been developing my “soundscapes” composition technique recenty with the aid of a sequencer called Nodal, which was developed around 2005 at Monash University, Australia.

Artist’s Website

I just completed developing a website for an artist friend. Mavis Nwokobia creates the most amazing paintings using a variety of fine art media.

Image - The Call

The Call

Fractal landscape with figures.

Clock Conundrum

I drafted this little puzzle for my pal Eric, and he enjoyed it so much that he said, “Why not blog it?”

Decoupaged Simple Box

Just to demonstrate that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a colourful and interesting personalised gift. I found a magazine for stamp collectors in a  charity shop for 20p. A plain wooden “chest” style box from “The Works” ready for decorating costs £2.00 Instructions: (1) Use a pencil to mark…

Print and Play Board Game – Dungeon Race

I designed “Dungeon Race” especially for situations where there are mixed ages of young children playing. If some of the kids are OK with “snakes and ladders”, but not quite ready yet for anything much more complicated, then “Dungeon Race” is a great next step

Simple Fantasy Skirmish

A free set of simple rules for beginners or young kids to play table-top wargames using miniature models & scenery.


Soundscapes and images inspired (at least in part) by avant garde composers of the last century, including Karheinz Stockhausen and György Ligeti.

Lion Rider

I like to invent album covers for 1970’s Prog Rock bands that existed only in my own imagination. Wierd huh? Yeah, I know.


“Humpback” is a relaxing New Age style musical composition involving psycho-active acoustics.

The Other Project

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that please us most…

Prelude, Toccata & Coda

A multimedia creation evolved out of hand-drawn line sketches.

Moon Rise

A fantasy landscape inspired by a visit to a Roger Dean exhibition.

Painterly Effects

This image is the outcome of my attempt to make some progress with advanced techniques. Up until now, many of my 3D rendered images have suffered from the same flaw – they look flat and lifeless, plastic and unreal.

Excursiones In Delirium

A multimedia project exploring some of the places where a mind can go by striving to work unfettered by logic or convention.

Time – A Soundscape

Time. What is it? Is it a fundamental component of an objective reality, or is it an illusion?

Mantel Clock

An up-cycled clock featuring manipulated fractals.

Painting by Numbers

Flame fractals were discovered by Scott Draves in 1992. I am not a mathematician, so I do not fully understand what they are, or how they work, and cannot explain them in any way that would stand up to scrutiny. So without apology, and for all the other non-mathematicians out there, here is my take…